Sweet Siblings

These two… Oh they make my heart happy. My goofy, kind-hearted, entirely-too-energetic kids. For shame on me! It had been WAAAY too long since I had taken a sibling picture of my own kids. Go figure, right? I have a bajillion every-day lifestyle photos of them, but I hadn’t taken an actual formal portrait of them in over a year! Eek! So… you know… I just had to fix that. These photos were taken at a simple spot at our nearby park. Just a little nook with some good lighting and two willing photo subjects. 😉


Funny story behind one of the photos… I had to laugh at Alorah. The photo on the left (listed 2012) had become one of my favorites. While I was taking her picture this time, she asked if we could take one “like the pouty faced picture.” I didn’t know what she meant until she took her stance and I got a good laugh.  Alorah B brings you Pouty-Face v.2.0


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